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About Dr. Nicholas O’Connor

Dr. Nicholas O'Connor graduated with honors and received his doctorate degree from the Los Angeles Chiropractic College at the Southern California University of Health Science in 2015. Before that he earned his BA in Biology from UC Santa Barbara in 2012. He now works as a board certified chiropractor in San Diego. 

Dr. Nicholas O'Connor has been practicing chiropractic in Clairemont for the past 3 years. After graduating from Los Angeles Chiropractic College in 2015, Dr. O'Connor returned to San Diego to open his doors to the public. Ever since he has been helping the people of San Diego treat everything from sciatica to carpal tunnel syndrome. With a specialty in sports injury, he hopes to get his patients back to performing their best with conservative holistic therapies.

Dr. Nicholas O'Connor specializes in offering chiropractic treatment for wellness, spinal conditions, sports injury, athletic performance, and personal injury. Our therapies include chiropractic manipulation, physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, E-Stim, therapeutic ultrasound, myofascial release technique, and Kinesio-taping.

In his free time Dr. O'Connor enjoys rock climbing at Vertical Hold, weightlifting, and playing video games.


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